“Linner” today

Batman says: So today Peach had to work for a few hours, again, it was left up to me to fend for myself for food 😬. Welp, lets plunder…

First what main course should we have … hmmm fridge check… left over hamburger from taco Thursday’s… no, hmmm eggs and bacon, no, ok fridge is out. Freezer check, chicken thighs, chicken breasts, chicken chicken good grief hope chik-filet don’t have a shortage…what’s this? Salmon? Hmmm that will work, take four filets and put in sink to thaw…oh look steam in the bag asparagus… that will work too. Hmmm what’s in the pantry…can beans, no, can corn, no..wait! Canned cream corn hmm that will do.

Easy peasy will make Linner for Peach and I and we shall eat when she gets home.

In a fry pan melt half stick butter …check… put filets in pan sprinkle either bottle lemon juice or squeeze the real thing on the asparagus, salt and pepper, turn heat up to med-high and cover..meanwhile put asparagus in microwave… check filets, all good. Put cream corn in microwave dish, take asparagus out put corn in, flip filets.

Make a bed of asparagus, lay filets on top sprinkle lemon juice to taste , get corn from microwave, burn finger because bowl is hot (u can omit the burn finger part), dish corn on plate and salt and pepper to taste.


Enjoy 😬

Luv ya Peach…didn’t really dirty that many dishes either..


Batman says:

I have been thinking a lot lately on what makes me truly happy (besides you Peach..and snacks). We are all different in this great big mixed up messed up world we live in, and each person I’m sure has their own answer to the ‘what truly makes you happy’ question. Couple days ago I found out, what it was for me, and it’s really so simple that I’m surprised it was so hard to find.

Peach and I love being outdoors, walking, biking, fishing, hunting, trapping, photographing oh well you get the idea I hope. I grew up much like most country folk, playing outdoors, wandering the woods observing and learning from God’s creatures in the wild, funny thing, Peach did much the same thing. Playing out in nature until we were either called or whistled home by mom or dad. All through my youth I was lucky to live where I could go into the woods and reset some internal clock, and set off on another adventure. Early adulthood, the same thanks to the U.S. Army and the Florida National Guard. Later in life I still wandered the woods only this time it was with the Love of my life my beautiful bride “Peach” who together with, I have fished, hunted, trapped and traipsed through all kinds of country, be it mountains, swamps, oak hammocks or whatever. While doing this, Peach and I, we grew closer to each other and also we were in the place I found “peace”. I didn’t really know this, all I knew was I always enjoyed being out in God’s creation, away from city noise, human influence, anything but the quiet of nature. I didn’t know this until Sunday afternoon when Peach and I were in the hunting club. Not hunting, just walking the fence line and checking trail (game) cameras. I’m not sure how we got on the subject, but I had us stop and just close our eyes and ‘listen to the silence’ of nature. No phones, no cars no airplanes, just nature. Now there is no real “silence” in nature, there are always natural sounds, wind, trees, acorns falling you get the idea, but for those few fleeting seconds, I realized I found my “peace”. It was right where I’ve always known, but forgotten to look, the place that since I was old enough to walk I’ve been drawn to, God’s wonderful creation, the natural world. I realized at that moment in time, I have never been more at peace at any moment, than I was when I was out in nature, away from the noise and rat race of society. Funny thing is, took being there with Peach, to remind me.

I don’t know the scriptures, or the fancy words, I know each of us has our own place to go to be truly at peace, for me, it’s away from mans footprint, on a jaunt thru the woods, no words necessary, holding hands with the Love of my Life that God blesses me with…mine forever…my Peach

Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.


Peach here! A few months back I wrote about my current goal to get more skillful at navigating diabetes in a winning, healthy, and consistent fashion. I thought I’d share my progress and current focus. It is not a diet. It is a change in habits that evolves, because this is my life now. And for our life, I have to find a way to be consistently healthy and once I find how that works for me, for us together, we have to keep up the higher standards, the healthy choices. Though Batman is as healthy as a 25 year old, 😍 he does it with me, because that’s how life works! We are in this together! Together we go! Together we win and together we thrive!

So for me I have a two pronged issue. 1) Figure out how to keep my sugar numbers consistently low, resulting in a low A1C (which is an average of your sugar up and downs for the past 90 days). When I was diagnosed in April 2016, my A1C was 14 some odd. This time last year I was changing doctors, at the recommendation of my parents, because after having some success, my numbers were headed in the way wrong direction. And 2) last December when I made the Dr switch, I was put on insulin. Guess what? Turns out insulin can put weight on you. 🙋‍♀️ Something I had no idea! I could actually feel the weight coming on quickly, it was so alarming. Weight has been a struggle for me my entire life and this was an  extremely unwelcome development. In the first 7 days I put on 9 lbs. by the time things evened out (by March) I had put on 33 lbs. Obviously, I was going to have to find a way to become the boss of the scale again, while still using insulin, (until such time as I am completely healed, always a possibility!). 🙏🏻👍🏻

So, Batman and I determined to consistently cut way back on carbs, which is without a doubt, the best thing for us both. Along with that we are calculating every day how to increase our activity. We are not really gym type people, but, we are blessed to have some great equipment and we are happy to use it. We also use activities (going to the woods to check trail cams, etc) cutting the grass, bike riding, all sort of things, day by day. He has responded to it quicker than me, 😍👌🏻👊🏻💪🏻  but we both are committed and realize that these two things work, and you can never stop them. If we continue, we will most definitely enjoy the results. The key is never stop. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. The first result I got to see was a loss of 5 lbs. Then I continued to gain it back and lose it again and again andddd again, until I have finally gotten to a new low of 7lbs! Now, I fluctuate between the 7-5 lb weight loss, but the excitement is, now I’m finally, 10 months after being put on insulin, getting the mastery over the scale again!

The second thing to happen was even by FAR the most exciting! I was so excited to find out my new A1C is now 5.9!!! Working on my next A1C average, and it is my goal to be firmly in the 5 range! To realize that we are figuring out the right timing and combination of medicines, injections, foods and exercise is so heartening!! It makes me excited just to talk about it!

We still have carbs. But, we really work to not let carbs ‘have’ us! We have ocassional meals that don’t reflect our low carb life, but, are always deliberate and always get our activity up, if we do. And we always gladly, get back on that low carb boat, and row, row, row. We make 2/3 of our meals low/no carb. I’d say we are enjoying the dance of calculating when and how to choose carbs. Paired up with protein and activity. Additionally for me, it’s the right management of targeted shots of insulin, interspersed with all the other choices.

It’s definitely my thorn, and thusly, our thorn — in the flesh…BUT, His Grace IS sufficient for me, for us!! (2 Corinthians 12). His strength is made perfect (complete) in our weakness. He is showing us the way, lighting up our path! He. Always. Makes. A. Way. Gotta run!! Time to row, row, row our boat!


We can’t lose when we won’t quit, and the same is true for YOU! Happy Monday!

Old Timers – Part 1


Peach talking! 🙂 Batman and I are to a nice season in life. Where we can remember the ‘old timer’s’ who came before us, and taught us by their examples, at home, at work, in school, in community, in faith. We need those old timers!! They can be annoying at times, but also, a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and depth of character and life experience. Not to mention humor! The best kind!

And now, we find ourselves, in some humble ways, carrying on the humankind tradition of segueing from the young and the taught, to the ‘seasoned’ and the teaching, while still and ALWAYS learning.

One way this transition is happening with us, is to be blessed to have finished raising our two kids and now we have FOUR grandkids!!! We can hardly believe it ourselves!! Being a grandparent is everything good you’ve ever been told, and then some!

We had our two grandsons over this weekend for an outing and a sleepover and general fun and shenanigans! We tried to purposely balance the extra special fun (putt putt golf, making homemade ice cream and banana splits) with ordinary fun (coloring while watching Pops’ hunting show, bubble baths, and helping pick up sticks in the yard, while we played and Pops cut the grass)!

We, at times, temporarily, toppled from our esteemed perch as venerable super heros, to stern meany faces, but, in the spirit of good cheer and charity, all was soon and always righted! Love, love, love those wonderful children!!

Kids are novices at life. If we don’t take the time and CARE enough to teach them courtesy, (“slow down just a tad, be gentle, let him have his turn, Yes, Sir, No, Ma’am, ok, put that back where you got it, if you’re done with it, great job!!! Way to go!!! Thank you!! You helped make this! We LOVE you!! We will go again to the putt putt golf place real soon!! No, not tomorrow! But, probably in about a month or two! You’re right, let’s say our prayers!”), IF we don’t care enough to train them in the ways that are good and true, life will surely teach them all the wrong things. Perish the thought that we shirk our privilege and responsibility. Besides, it is a JOY and a PLEASURE to get to do so!!


But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:

That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; – 2 Titus 1-3

He’s Got You! Hold on!


Peach here. Hang on!! Help is on the way! Where does your help come from? The Lord! The Lord Mighty and Powerful! And faithful to save! Someone needs this! When I read Isaiah 41:10 twice last night, in different places, it just really spoke to me. He WILL strengthen you! He WILL uphold you! And He WILL get you through!


And those that come against you, the enemy of your soul and the actual in person oppression, will end up ineffective, rolling right off of you!

821A0D7C-DC9F-4805-821F-3E7F37221520.jpeg When He tells us “My People Are Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge” – Hosea 4:6, He’s not playing. There are many who believe in Christ, there are fewer who are diligent to spend time getting to know Him.


When we KNOW Him, we KNOW He is FOR us! When He KNOW Him, we know He’s NOT against US, but He IS against our enemies! When we KNOW Him, we know He’s making us strong, He’s filling in our weak and our empty spots, making them our new best parts ever!! When we KNOW Him, we know He’s doing us good and not evil!! That our end is even far better than our beginning, that He will cause ALL things to work together for our GOOD.

497D58DE-37D4-4E8D-BE08-0FC596D0B68DBecause we love Him and are called according to His good purpose! ‘Don’t rejoice over me my enemy! Though I have fallen I WILL arise! When I sit in darkness (because at some point we all do) THE LORD will be my LIGHT’!! #HesGotYou #AndHesGotMe!! #Isaiah41:10 #Hosea4:6 #Micah7:8


The Storm, the Fire, the Noise and the Whisper


Peach says: There is a noise to life in these days that can be wonderful and can be awful also. And often disorienting.

For today I need less of the noise I personally make in my own head. I mean, Lord, do I trust You? Or do I trust my ability to figure things out and…do what? Nope. I put no trust in myself or words I could say or actions I could take. That doesn’t mean I do nothing, on the contrary, I continue to pray and declare YOU are Lord, YOU are our Father! YOU are the Great Designer! You are creating a masterpiece and we all get to be a part of it! Order our steps Lord, refine and help us be focused and disciplined! Effective and steadfast!! May the sound of our lives draw others to the flame that is You!! We are on fire but not consumed!

Like Moses at the burning bush, we take our shoes off because this life is Holy Ground. We want to be sensitive to the leading of Your Holy Spirit. We don’t always understand but, we always KNOW You are at work for our good and Your Glory. May we be quick to respond to Your leading and more ‘present’ with You throughout our days. We want to live our lives useful and AVAILABLE to You. We are grateful for Your Holy Spirit, which reveals You to us, and reveals Your ways to us, and guides us.

Less of us, less self focus, and more beholding You. As we behold You, we are transformed ‘from glory to glory’, You Word tells us.


When we shut down the noise, and turn away from our talkative minds and choose to still our minds under the peaceful and refreshing waters of His Word, His Presence and His Spirit, we are like over-excited and now worn out children just mentally resting on Him,  catching our breath and getting reoriented with which way is UP and what really matters, and what is just static, to be tuned out.


Once we recoup He is able to LAUNCH us like an arrow to our next destination!

Shhhh. 🙂 I’m listening! How about you?


Dreams and the Light We Live by!


Peach says: I can remember dreams I had 15, 20 years ago. I don’t have those same dreams today. Over the last 5-6 years I’ve let them go, and moved on to various other dreams, and I’m probably in a transitional  state of discovering new dreams. Because we should always dream, yes? I have spent the last 2-3 years realizing this and evaluating how I feel about it and what it might mean. And I had a realization about this today.


Like these two cakes one made it, the other didn’t, some dreams will prove themselves to be just that.  Dreams. Nothing more. Nothing less. The dreams I have let go of, in more recent years, were still good for me, and  still benefited me as well as those around me. Like a plant in the window following the light of the sun, and every so often you have to turn it so it can move toward the sun in in a new way. The dreams I had, that clearly are not happening and not my ‘dreams’ anymore, they grew me. They moved my focus in a direction that had me following the Lord in that particular direction, in a way that helped me develop in a fashion that I NEEDED to fulfill what He had/has for me. Not wasted. So, yes, dreams need goals, and goals need plans. And plans need work. But, when dreams fall away, it’s ok. The progress we make along the way, helps get us to NEW dreams, and The Author and Finisher of our faith is helping us get to His GOOD plan and purpose for us. Never stop dreaming. Never stop setting goals. Never stop planning. Never stop believing He has great plans for you. He’s growing you! In His Light!